Quadski was produced by Gibbs Sports Amphibians in Michigan, USA. From 2013-2016, we pioneered the production of high speed sports amphibians with the Quadski & Quadski XL. Over 1000 vehicles were produced, and these are now all sold. Quadski production is now finished & there are no new vehicles available for purchase.

We continue to supply Quadski & Quadski XL parts & support through our network of service agents. All parts, service & warranty requests are referred through the local service agent where available; these can be found in the Quadski Service Agent section.
Development is continuing on the next generation of High Speed Amphibians. You can see more about these by visiting www.gibbsamphibians.com.

For international customers where a local service agent is not available, contact parts@quadski.com for parts orders & support@quadski.com for technical enquiries.

For enquiries about licencing of Gibbs Sports Amphibian technology, please contact our New Zealand based development group at enquiries@gibbsamphibians.com.

We are not appointing new dealers, or taking customer orders for any Quadski at this time. Enquiries to this effect will not be responded to.